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Together vi stand strongest, that is why you should be a partner in Meet&More. We aim to attract meetings and conferences to partners in our area

We do this through hardworking sales, an ambassador's corps and marketing the area under the joint platform, Meet & More, which offers professional meeting facilities and unique experiences at the Wadden Sea.

When business tourism increases in our area, it has a effect on everybody
Turnover and sales by a large number of partners increase before, during and after business visit. Knowledge of the area's image as a meeting and conference venue is increasing, and in the longer term, the good experiences of business tourists are helping to raise awareness of our part of Denmark, which is important in attracting labor and citizens in the future.

We are used to cooperating and making joint results
The business traveler and the planner's evaluation of a conference is dependent on the total sum of experiences on all parameters: From the initial contact and offer - to the food, the winding up, the bed and the service. We must all ensure that we are good hosts and that guests have a good experience here. Similarly, we will all contribute to promoting Meet & More and attracting meetings and conferences.

Become a partner in Meet & More
As a partner in Meet & More, you are offered a wide range of benefits and visibility to meeting planners.

If you are not already a partner, please contact Pia de Place at +45 76 50 29 63 / 45 22 79 14 00 or write to