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It may be difficult to find the right facilities for your next meeting or conference. Meet & More helps you by giving your participants an authentic and unique experience along with the academic content.

We are your first contact and, of course, we help you to create the right framework and the right content for your upcoming meeting or conference.
We have a wide range of professional meeting and conference organisers, so we will be sure to find the right partners for your event.
You can see them here on the website.

For assistance, contact Pia de Place at +45 76 50 29 63 / +45 22 79 14 00, mail pip@businessesbjerg.com and let us assist you with the planning.

Contact Pia de Place

Phone +45 76 50 29 63 / +45 22 79 14 00 or mail pip@businessesbjerg.com and let me help you with planning your event.

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