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Bramming is located right in the middle of Esbjerg municipality and in a short time you can reach both Esbjerg and Ribe. There are several recreational areas in Bramming and you can enjoy Sneum Å, Holsted Å and Ilsted Å.

Bramming Museum

At Bramming Egnsmuseum, changing exhibitions on cultural history, arts and crafts are displayed.

Bramming Svømmehal - indoor swimming bath

Indoor swimming in Bramming

Bramming Hovedgård

Manor from 1572 - from 1982 Bramming Hovedgård has served as Southwest Jutland's Boarding School.

Dog Park in Bramming Vestskov

Let your dog run free!

Skt. Ansgar Church

The cornerstones of Skt. Ansgar Church was laid in July 1914, and already in December 1915 the church was ready for consecration.

Skt. Knud Church

St. Knud Church is built approx. 1200 in Romanesque style. Remains of an older wooden church are believed to have been found.