Mennesket ved Havet
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experiences in Esbjerg

Esbjerg Havn - luftfoto

Esbjerg is Denmark's youngest large city

When you arrive in the city, you will be amazed at what has taken place in the space of just 150 years. It all began with a harbour for the exporting of agricultural goods, then the mushrooming fishing industry came, with more than 600 vessels, and now Esbjerg is the country’s energy metropolis. Apart from being a base for oil and gas in the North Sea, the city boast the largest wind turbine park in the world. A pioneer spirit and dynamism continue to fuel this impressive development. From the harbour you can take the new pedestrian accessway, Landgangen, and the walk along the harbour front to the city centre with its great, varied shopping opportunities, a rich café life and eateries to suit every palate. Esbjerg has acquired big city qualities. From the city’s landmark down by the water, the huge statue ”Man Meets the Sea”, you can gaze out towards the holiday island of Fanø, only a 12-minute ferry crossing away. In the space of 30 minutes you can reach some of Denmark’s best North Sea bathing beaches, and you are on the doorstep of the Wadden Sea National Park, which is a Unesco World Heritage attraction.

Attractions in Esbjerg

With the colossal sculpture Man Meets the Sea, Denmark's gateway to the west opens out to the world and welcomes you to Esbjerg. Esbjerg can offer its visitors grand art and architecture, exciting museums, and not least unique nature thanks to its location next to the Wadden Sea.

Activities in Esbjerg

Biking, hiking, golfing, angling, skating, swimming and much more. In Esbjerg you can find something to do for old and young. Find information, download cards and brochures here or collect it in print in Esbjerg Visitors Centre.

Port of Esbjerg

The Port of Esbjerg is Denmark’s largest harbour on the North Sea coast

Art in Esbjerg

Esbjerg - the city by the sea - is the perfect place for large-scale and unique art. Art is everywhere in Esbjerg - at the art museum, in the cityshape and down by the water's edge.

Events in Esbjerg

During summer it buzzes in the streets and alleys with festivals, lots of music and other cultural features, but also the rest of the year offers a rich and exciting cultural life in Esbjerg.

Shopping in Esbjerg

In Esbjerg City you will find the longest shopping street in Denmark with specialized shops and cosy cafes and on the outskirts of town shopping centres and several big furniture stores. In Esbjerg you will also find the largest shopping centre BROEN  with 70 shops, restaurants and cine...

Video clips from Esbjerg

For your inspiration we have collected a number of films showing you the delights of Esbjerg, the history of the town and the beautiful nature of the Wadden Sea National Park that surrounds us.


Bramming is located right in the middle of Esbjerg municipality and in a short time you can reach both Esbjerg and Ribe. There are several recreational areas in Bramming and you can enjoy Sneum Å, Holsted Å and Ilsted Å.