Welcome to the best fishing locations in Denmark
In the southwestern part of Denmark you´ll find angling locations of very high standard and every stream has a fine population of fish.

Contrary to lots of our neighbouring countries you´ll never find streams or lakes with no fish, and if you get familiar with the conditions you´ll hardly ever return empty handed from a day of fishing.

National Fishing licence and pass
Everyone aged between 18 and 65 angling in Denmark must hold a valid angling licence. You can buy your angling licence on

For fishing in trout lakes (Put and Take) an angling licence is not required. You pay per day/hour on the site. 

A Fishing permit is also required when fishing in Kongeå, Sneum Å and Holsted Å. They can be purchased on or locally in Esbjerg from Efi.

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Sportsfiskeri i Sydvestjylland

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