Events in Ribe

Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg

A cornucopia of cultural enjoyment creates an exiting atmosphere in Ribe. During the summer, the streets and alleys buzz with festival activity, plenty of music and other exiting cultural events. The rest of the year is just as eventful.

Travelling to Mandø

Travelling to Mandø strictly on the tide’s premises. All traffic between Mandø and the mainland is cut off twice every 24 hours because of the tide.

The Night Watchman's Rounds

Ribes Night Watchman creates a very special mood that takes you back to a time without modern policem en and alarms. The Night Watchman sings his song...

Regular Guided Walks in Ribe

Our talented and enthusiastic Ribe guides tell stories and legends about the old days in Ribe.

Ghostwalk - Ribe

Ghostwalks in Ribe are stories told where the events took place.

Starling Magic

The Phenomenon Starling Magic is a fantastic experience when 100.000 and, yes, even 400.000 starlings dance ballet in the sky over the Ribe Marsh.

Oystersafari - unique nature experiences

Culinary experiences are of many kinds, but nothing beats consuming a newly-opened oyster out in the stunning landscape of the Wadden Sea.