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Autumn by the Wadden Sea offers magnificent nature experiences. Experience Black Sun, go hiking in the Wadden Sea, seal safaris and oyster tours.

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Our history

The Night Watchman

When can you join the Night Watchman tour again?

Guided tours in Ribe

Guided tours through the beautiful streets of Ribe.

Our culture

Our nature

Oyster safari

Season from October to April.


Activities and tours in the Wadden Sea National Park.

Tour ferry Mandøpigen

The tour ferry Mandøpigen is flat-bottomed and relatively light and can therefore glide effortlessly over flat-water areas, and at the same time be stable in the deep tidal currents that cross the Wadden Sea.

The Mandø bus

Mandøbussen has for more than 30 years been driving guests to and from Mandø, the trip goes through the Wadden Sea National Park and is a unique experience.

Mandø Inn and Tractor Bus

Take the tractor bus to Mandø and get a very special experience in the unique nature of the Wadden Sea.

Wadden Sea National Park

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Hits for Kids

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Fun for free

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Zoo's and animalparks

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What to do in Ribe

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What to do in Esbjerg

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