Ribes history

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With its outstanding status as Denmark's oldest and best preserved town, Ribe offers a unique atmosphere. Ribe is one of the few towns in Denmark, which still has a beautifully preserved medieval town centre with old half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets and a cathedral as the crucial

Throughout Ribe, there are details which in most other towns vanished long ago. To wander through the old town is to travel back though time. As evidenced by the numerous memorial plaques, many of the beautiful buildings can be linked to famous people and certain periods of the thousand-year history of the town.

Scholared citizens

Read amongst others, about Jacob A. Riis who left Ribe in 1870, young and hopelessly in love, for America, with a dream of a new and rich life.

Historical characters

Read amongst others, about Princess Dagmar who was wed to King Valdemar Sejr in 1205 and afterwards moved to Ribe, where the couple resided at Ribehus...

Ribes inventors

Read amongst others, about Emil Christian Hansen, born in Ribe, expert in the physiology of fermentation and also the founder of modern beer brewing.

The traces of the Vikings

In the year 700, the Vikings founded a marketplace that, through its 1300-year history, has developed into today's Ribe, Denmark's oldest city.

The great period of Ribe

The town of Ribe blossomed to become Denmark's only medieval North Sea Port and the presence of church and royal representatives in Ribe, underscored ...

Well preserved medieval town

In 1899, a tourist and conservation organisation was established, and in 1963, the town council issued a preservation order covering the entire core o...


Important years and events in the history of Ribe.

Churches and monasteries in Ribe

The magnificent complex’s Ribe Cathedral and St. Catharinæ’s Abbey and Monastery are the last remains of all the medieval churches, abbeys, chapels an...