Shopping in Ribe

Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg

The ambience of the old town makes your shopping trip a special pleasure. Speciality shops line the pedestrian street like pearls on a string. Throughout the season, Ribe town invites to several night arrangements, and every Wednesday from May to September there is market day.

Specialty shops

Here you will find a selection of Ribe's exciting shops.

Shop Bo Bendixen

All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen. Visit his shop in Ribe.

Ribes Yarn & Needlework Shop

Specialist shop for embroidery and yarn and fabric by the metre, patchwork og sewing machines.

Sct. Peder Shop

The employers in the shop are in enrolled in a in a learning process to be able to obtain ordinary work later on.

Made in Ribe

In Skolegade 2, right on the Cathedral Square in an old, historic building from 1634, you find the shop, Made in Ribe.

Local manufacturers


The local producers in Ribe make a virtue of making the best possible product for your taste.

Temper Chocolate Café

There’s chocolate - and then there’s Ribe’s handmade Temper Chocolate. A piece of chocolate from the shops’ large selection is nothing less than an unforgettable experience.

Pompei Bakery

There is always fresh baked bread at Pompei Bakery in Ribe, and with us all bread is baked in a stone oven, which makes the crust extra crispy and you get a juicy crumb.

Ribe Brewery

At Ribe Brewery, eight beers are brewed, Blond Ale, Brown Ale, Wadden Sea Brew, Viking Bridge, Marsh Wheat, Luther Beer and Langgaard Porter.

Jernved Dairy - Gredstedbro

With us you will find high quality dairy products and you can always taste the cheese before you buy.


Talented artists and artisans welcome inside.

Gallery Artizan

A modern art store with a broad variety of crafts. Almost 20 different artist sells and showcase all sorts of crafts.

Ceramic artist Sten Børsting

Ceramics in Ribe - Denmark's oldest town

Ribe Glass & Gallery

Erna Møller is a glass artist in Hans Tavsen's house, she plays with glass. She produces bowls, lamps, pictures and figures. Small and big things.


In the exciting shops you will find souvenirs, such as jewelry, knitwear, textiles, ceramics and delicacies.

Ribes Vikings - Museum Shop

Museum Shop with Viking- and Medieval souvenirs. Here you’ll find everything from jewellery to toys, books, arts and crafts.

The gift shop in Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe VikingeCenter's shop is located at the entrance and here is free admission. Here are many exciting items like jewelry, textiles, knit and more.