Experience Mandø

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Mandø has its own daily rhythm, which also affects the residents. Although the nearest mainland town, Vester Vedsted, is only located 11 kilometres away, the mental distance is longer for the friendly and proud inhabitants of Mandø Island.

Coloured sign-posts mark different trails, where nature and bird life is at its most generous and sheep graze on the dikes. Koresand, a sandbank located southwest of Mandø, is also worth a trip. On Koresand it is possible to find amber, go for a swim in the North Sea, and watch the playful seals.

Mandøs history is marked by nature’s often violent vagaries. In the 16th and 17th century, storm surges destroyed the first two churches, and, taught by experience, the current, whitewashed church from 1639 was built on the highest point of Mandø Island. The village is now protected by a dike so the Mandø residents know that their lives and those of their animals are safe, when the elements rage.

Experiences on Mandø

Mandø Mølle, the island’s landmark, greets everyone welcome at the very first glimpse of the dike. Safely arrived on the island, you can dive headlong into the many adventures that are part of the culture, the tradition, the history and the flora and fauna of Mandø.

Nature experiences on Mandø

The marsh island Mandø is situated in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park , and has attained status as a game and nature reserve. Nature adventures are available year round on Mandø in the breeding and migration seasons the island is a paradise for bird lovers.

Transportation to Mandø

In the middle of the new Wadden Sea National Park lies an island that can only be reached at the low tide. The public road, Låningsvejen is raised above the seabed, but is still flooded twice every 24 hours by the tide.

Eat on Mandø

After a day with many impressions and nature adventures, a lovely meal awaits. The island has a variety of small eateries that serve well-prepared Danish food inspired by the Wadden Sea.

Sleep on Mandø

You will find several possibilities for overnight accommodation in every price range and with something for every taste, for you, your family and friends. Here is room for everyone who loves peace and quiet in scenic surroundings.

Video clips from Mandø

Watch a number of different films about Mandø, the island in the Wadden Sea National Park, which has its own circadian rhythm. The nearest town, Vester Vedsted is only 11 kilometers away. Nature and bird life appear generously and the sheep are grazing on the dikes, time has almost stopped

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The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is world class Danish nature. Here is a spectacular wildlife, and the significance of the area extends far beyond Denmark's borders.