Nature experiences on Mandø

Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg

The marsh island Mandø is situated in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park, and has attained status as a game and nature reserve. Nature adventures are available year round on Mandø in the breeding and migration seasons the island is a paradise for bird lovers.

In the spring, the purple heather blooms. In the summer, you can observe the seals, swim and collect amber on the sandbar Koresand. The autumn offers murmuration (Black Sun) and the winter landscape tempts with oyster safaris.

Seal Safari in The Wadden Sea

See the seals of the Wadden Sea in their natural habitat

Oystersafari - unique nature experiences

Pick Pacific oysters in the Wadden Sea

Tour ferry Mandøpigen

We have many different tours and if you are a group, we are happy to help with a package that suits you. We can accommodate 12 guests on board, the minimum number to complete a trip is 4 people. We call on 3 different places: Mandø, Juvre on Rømø and Ribe Kammer Sluse. See more info at ...

Mandø by horse

A horseback ride across the seabed in the Wadden Sea National Park is a matchless experience. Riding around on the island and on the huge sandbank Koresand offer majestic splendour for horse and rider. If you decide to ride to the island Mandø or just visit the island remember to make i...

Bird life on Mandø

Mandø - bird paradise

Swimming on Mandø

During the peak season, the tractor bus is available for trips to the sandbank Koresand, where you will find a gorgeous sandy beach perfect for swimming and searching for amber.


Explore the sandbank Koresand in the Wadden Sea by the island of Mandø

Flora on Mandø

In the reign of the west wind

Mandø on a bicycle

Explore the Wadden Sea island of Mandø by bicycle

The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is world class Danish nature. Here is a spectacular wildlife, and the significance of the area extends far beyond Denmark's borders.