Esbjerg Railway Station from 1904

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Architecture in Esbjerg - monumental railway station from the heyday of Danish rail.

Jernbanegade 35

6700 Esbjerg


Esbjerg station is built in 1904, designed by DSB main architect Heinrich Wenck (1851 – 1936) who for more than a generation (1882 – 1921) put his mark on all the DSB buildings.

The architecture is characteristic for the period, the castle like appearance is looking back to a period of greatness for the country. But simultaneously the use for new materials from the industrial age is celebrated like the cast iron columns carrying the platform roofs.

The station has been restored inside and outside on different occasions. The structure won a price for the gorgeous and gentle restorations of the ceiling inside the waiting area. The ceiling gives the building a certain greatness, with height and pattern painted ceiling boards.

Again in 2002 the building was awarded for a complete and beautiful restoration of the façade.

The building was protected from major change and demolition in 1983.


Jernbanegade 35

6700 Esbjerg


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