Mini zoo, Ribelund

Photo: Minidyrehaven Ribelund
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Get close to the animals

Pile Allé 2

6760 Ribe


Phone:+45 76 16 83 41

In beautiful surroundings close to the railway station you will be able to get close to many animals. Here you find red deer, dee'r, pet goats, donkeys, horses, bird haven and small kangaroos.

There is an observation platform where the birdlife at Ribe Østerå can be observed.
Many picnic tables where you can enjoy a packed lunch.
Good playground.
Suitable for the disabled.

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Pile Allé 2

6760 Ribe

Opening hours

01 Jan 19 / 31 Dec 19

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

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