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Mennesket ved Havet om aftenen
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Ribe and Esbjerg by the Wadden Sea

With Ribe as Denmark’s oldest city and Esbjerg the youngest, with only 150 years chalked up, one can rightly say that both the old and the new are well represented in this area. We have an infinite amount on offer, and if you are here as a visitor, you will find the best of the entire area presented in this guide. In Ribe it seems as if time stands still - the city is beautiful, the stories many and magnificent. In Esbjerg, culture is very much to the fore, as is most visible in the impressive sculpture ”Man meets the Sea”. The Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage attraction, unites the area with quite unique nature experiences. The vast expanses of landscape, the tranquillity and the great variability will leave a lasting impression in your mind.

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Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg
Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg
Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg