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Møder og konferencer | Møder på Ribe VikingeCenter

Experience the magnificent nature in the Wadden Sea area, exciting attractions, and the taste of local products at our fine restaurants - all that combined makes your meeting or conference a success. Be inspired


We are supporting the idea of a better world for all of us, therefore we have made it visible for you to see which UN Development goals or other sustainable solutions some of the companies are working with.

Unique nature experiences

Here you can experience seal safari, pick fresh oysters from the seabed or experience Starling Magic, when a million starlings dance ballet in the sky. Great experiences that your meeting or conference will be remembered for.

Seal safari - unique nature experiences

Seals in their natural habitat.

Oystersafari - unique nature experiences

Pacific oysters in the Wadden Sea.

Starling Magic - unique nature experiences

A spectacular natural phenomenon.

Wadden Sea Trip - unique nature experiences

Experience the life on the Wadden.

Migratory Birds - unique nature experiences

A spectacular natural phenomenon.

Mandø Island - unique nature experiences

Mandø is the pearl of the Wadden Sea, and the smallest of the inhabited islands in the Wadden Sea, Mandø, is a unique and peaceful nature paradise.

Guided tour in the exhibition at the Wadden Sea Centre

Vadehavscentret (The Wadden Sea Centre) - the gate to UNESCO World Heritage

Fanø - unique nature experiences

Wind, sand and great expanses

Unique cultural experiences

Take a guided tour on a oil rig, at the Wadden Sea Center or in Ribe, the oldest city in the Nordic region. Meet & More offers many opportunities for you and your colleagues to bring home a memorable cultural experience.

Visit an oil rig - unique cultural experiences

Esbjerg is Denmark’s energy metropole, and the Esbjerg Harbour is always buzzing with activity and here you can make a visit to an oil rig.

Ribe Cathedral - unique cultural experiences

Bring colleagues or business partners to Ribe Cathedral and see the spectacular architecture and the beautiful decorations. Take the stairs to the top of the church tower and see the amazing view.

Ribe - unique cultural experiences

Let your meeting or conference include a guided tour, with amazing and dramatic stories about Ribe.

Tirpitz - unique cultural experiences

World-class attraction

Esbjerg - unique cultural experiences

Esbjerg is Denmark's youngest metropolis and the country's energy metropolis. There is a buzz of life, art and culture in Esbjerg.

Esbjerg Harbour - unique cultural experiences

Oil, gas and wind, side by side

Night Watchman's walk - unique cultural experiences

Make your meeting a very unique experience by having a Night Watchman tell and sing stories about Ribe's dramatic history.

Ribes Vikings - unique cultural experiences

Viking period and middle ages to the year 1700.

Inspiring meeting activities

Blokart, golf, bowling, laser games, bumperballs, bowcombat, Escape Room and much more are just a few inspirational activities Meet & More offers as a break from the meetings.

The Oyster King - inspiring meeting activities

Oyster King offers guided tours in nature and showcooking with ingredients found in nature on and around Fanø.

The Wine Field - inspiring meeting activities

Visit a family-owned vineyard near the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea challenge - inspiring meeting activities

Memorable teambuilding.

Esbjerg Golfklub - inspiring meeting activities

Golf experience by the Wadden Sea

Sport & Event Park Esbjerg - inspiring meeting activities

Combine the meeting with playtime

Escape Zone - inspiring meeting activities

Teambuilding with action!

Siigurd - inspiring meeting activities

Value adding meeting sessions about talent development for your business

Fanø Company Event - inspiring meeting activities

Meetings and conferences with island feeling.

Tour ferry Mandøpigen - inspiring meeting activities

The Mandøpigen is flat-bottomed and relatively light and can therefore effortlessly slide across flat-water areas, while remaining stable in the deep tidal currents that intersect the Wadden Sea.

BROEN Shopping - inspiring meeting activities

BROEN Shopping - West Jutland's largest shopping centre.

Eateries and local specialities

The Wadden Sea area is rich in commodities and enthusiastic producers to process them. The restaurants collect the raw materials themselves so they know where they come from and can tell their story.

Ribe Brewhouse - eateries and local specialities

Visit the local brewery in Ribe

Temper Chocolate - eateries and local specialities

Passion for chocolate

Fanø Bryghus - eateries and local specialities

We live and breathe beer

Porsborgs Gastro Bar - eateries and local specialities

Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in unique surroundings in old and well-preserved cellar in Ribe

Kolvig - by Brorsonsminde - eateries and local specialities

With the best ingredients of the season, a fantastic dining experience awaits at Restaurant Kolvig - by Brorsonsminde.

Rankin Park - eateries and local specialities

Healthy food in homely surroundings

Vester Vedsted Vineyard - eateries and local specialities

Vinery - Brewery - Destillery - Restaurant

Restaurant Ambassaden - eateries and local specialities

Delicious food for any occasion

Sønderho Kro - eateries and local specialities

A personal and authentic experience

Café Mandøpigen - eateries and local specialities

The main items at café Mandøpigen are the local products, our delicious Mandø lamb or bread from the award-winning Pompei bakery in Ribe and cheese from the local Jernved dairy.

Posthuset - eateries and local specialities

The old post office in the heart of Esbjerg underwent a major renovation in 2017, when it was transformed from a post office into a food mecca.