Port of Esbjerg

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The Port of Esbjerg is Denmark’s largest harbour on the North Sea coast

Apart from being a northern European hub for freight transport, the port is the principal service and supply harbour for the Danish oil and gas industry as well as the world’s largest port for shipping offshore wind turbines. Formerly, 600 fishing vessels used to have Esbjerg as their home port, but now there are only a couple of prawn-fishing vessels left.

Sections of the harbour are restricted areas, but on Dogger Quay you can get really close to the oil-rigs, and here there is also a favourite fishing spot that can be used by anglers without a fishing licence. Take the ferry across to Fanø and see the harbour from the seaward side. You may even catch sight of some seals while crossing. It is easy to get from the city centre to the harbour - just take the new, attractive cyclist and pedestrian path Landgangen.

From 250 meters of wharf to 12 kilometers

An exciting and fascinating tale of Esbjerg harbor and its development over the last 150 years.

Esbjerg Marina - Esbjerg Søsport

Welcome to Esbjerg Marina

App about the Port of Esbjerg

The app about the Port of Esbjerg is an exciting opportunity to experience both the Port of Esbjerg and at the same time learn about the harbor and its history. Download it for free here.

Tide calendar

High tide at Nordby, Fanø approx. 15 min. after high tide at Esbjerg.

Gangway connecting City and Harbour in Esbjerg

The Gangway (Landgangen) – a secure new corridor for pedestrians and cyclists between Esbjerg’s Dock Harbour and the city centre.

Museum Lightship in Esbjerg

Pay a visit to the Museum Lightship docked at Esbjerg Strand - the best preserved wooden lightship in the world.

Giant Wind turbines near Esbjerg

Some of the biggest wind turbines in the world with a total height of 200 metres stand on the coast near Esbjerg.

From pioneer town to energy metropolis

Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg

Port of Esbjerg

Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg