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Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe is Denmark's oldest town

The atmosphere in the medieval city centre cannot be described in words. It has to be experienced. The cobbled narrow streets, the well-preserved houses and plaques each tell their part of the proud history that stretches back to around 710 AD.
From here trading between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe began, followed by the spreading of Christianity, with Ribe maintaining its greatness well into the Middle Ages. Denmark is famous for its Vikings, and from Ribe their wooden ship set out into Europe to trade - and spread terror as well. This dramatic early history is in evidence in many city locations. Today, there is a peaceful, cosy ambience everywhere - in the pedestrian street, the art museum, the abbey and the old eateries.
Only the rushing water of the water mills, the sound of bells and the evening song of the night watchman break the silence. Set aside plenty of time to pay a visit to Ribe Cathedral. From its tower you can gaze out over the Wadden Sea National Park, which is a Unesco World Heritage attraction, and glimpse the architectural gem - the Wadden Sea Centre. This captivating sight calls for closer exploration.

Attractions in Ribe

Ribe offers a wide and colorful palette of various museums and attractions. Architectural gems like the Cathedral and the beautiful medieval town center. In Ribe the possibilities are endless and the experiences great.

Activities in Ribe

Go out and enjoy nature - it’s open every day. The sea dike along the Wadden Sea affords a fantastic view for miles around, and the local flora and fauna are absolutely unique.

Guided tours in Ribe

The history of Ribe - the oldest town of Denmark, is long, dramatic and fantastic. There are stories everywhere in Ribe. Make your visit a very special experience by walking around the historic streets and alleys with a Guide.

The Night Watchman in Ribe

Follow the Night Watchman, listen to his songs and stories as he walks his traditional round through Ribe’s historic streets, every day from May to October. The Night Watchmen of Ribe manage to create a very special atmosphere, and you feel like you go back in time.

The traces of the Vikings

In the year 700, the Vikings founded a marketplace that, through its 1300-year history, has developed into today's Ribe, Denmark's oldest city.

Museums in Ribe

A trip to the museum is a must when vacationing in Ribe. Visit Ribes Vikings museum where history is lying right at your feet, see Ribe Art Museum's beautiful collection of Danish art, visit the Cathedral Museum or the Old Town Hall, the possibilities are many.

Events in Ribe

A cornucopia of cultural enjoyment creates an exiting atmosphere in Ribe. During the summer, the streets and alleys buzz with festival activity, plenty of music and other exiting cultural events. The rest of the year is just as eventful.

Shopping in Ribe

The ambience of the old town makes your shopping trip a special pleasure. Speciality shops line the pedestrian street like pearls on a string. Throughout the season, Ribe town invites to several night arrangements, and every Wednesday from May to September there is market day.

Video clips from Ribe

For your inspiration we have collected a number of video clips showing you the magnificent scenery of Ribe, the history of the town and the beautiful nature of the Wadden Sea National Park that surrounds us. Enjoy!