Experience summer

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Normally the summers in Ribe and Esbjerg is all about festivals, concerts, markets, festival week, guided town walks, sandy beaches and excursions to the Wadden Sea, but due of the Corona situation a lot has changed, please keep an eye on this page for news.

Our history

Guided tours in Ribe

The history of Ribe - the oldest town of Denmark, is long, dramatic and fantastic. There are stories everywhere in Ribe. Make your visit a very special experience by walking around the historic streets and alleys with a Guide.

The Night Watchman in Ribe

Follow the Night Watchman, listen to his songs and stories as he walks his traditional round through Ribe’s historic streets, every day from May to October. The Night Watchmen of Ribe manage to create a very special atmosphere, and you feel like you go back in time.

Ghostwalk - Ribe

Ghostwalks in Ribe are stories told where the events took place.

Our culture

Special exhibition at Ribe Art Museum

Exhibition about Agnes Smidt. The painters of the South Jews. The exhibition can be viewed until 30 August 2020.

Ribe Art Museum

Exhibition from 04.07-13.09 2020 Ulrik Møller. Happy Together.

Our nature

Tours with the Wadden Sea Center

The Wadden Sea Center arranges various guided tours in the Wadden Sea, for example. hike to Mandø or Sea Explorer.

Feeding seals at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Feeding of the seals takes place daily at 11.00 and 14.30.

Wadden Sea tours with the Fisheries and Maritime Museum

A walk out on the shores where the museum's ruse is emptied and an insight is given into the muddy world of the mussels and worms.

Tour ferry Mandøpigen

Experience the wadden sea with the tour ferry Mandøpigen and see seals, oysters and birds.

The Mandø bus

Mandøbussen has for more than 30 years been driving guests to and from Mandø, the trip goes through the Wadden Sea National Park and is a unique experience.

Mandø Inn and Tractor Bus

Take the tractor bus to Mandø and get a very special experience in the unique nature of the Wadden Sea.

Our neighbourhoods