Must See

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Destination Ribe-Esbjerg has so much to offer both inside culture, history and nature, and there are sights and experiences that you must not miss.

Watch the giant sculpture “Man Meets the Sea” looking out to the sea at the port entrance in Esbjerg. Experience the Viking Age brought to life at Ribe VikingeCenter, see the seals, aquariums and the offshore adventure in the North Sea in the Fisheries and Maritime Museum. Experience the unique nature and wild life of the Wadden Sea National Park in the Wadden Sea Center or go by tractor bus out into the Wadden Sea to the small island of Mandø.
Go and have a look at Ribes Viking Museum and at Esbjerg Museum to get the exciting history of our area. The newly opened Jacob A. Riis Museum is telling the story of the young man from Ribe who became famous in the United States. Enjoy world-class art at the art museums in Ribe and Esbjerg, and don't forget Ribe Cathedral with the Tower, from which there are magnificent views of Ribe and the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea.

Ribe - The oldest town in Denmark

Denmark's oldest town is steeped in history and art with shops and restaurants adding to an exceptional atmosphere.

Ribe Cathedral

Ribe Cathedral - The Church of Our Lady - from the year 1200 built of Rhenish tuff stone with later Gothic changes and additions made in brick. The Cathedral was originally built as a three-aisled church with two identical towers.

Ribe VikingeCenter - meet the vikings

On Ribe VikingeCenter you can experience everything from the big international Viking Market in april/may, to Viking warriors and Vikings on their icelandic horses. Lots of hands-on activities every day.

Ribes Vikings

What were the origins of Ribe and how did the town’s inhabitants live when Ribe was a major European trading centre.

Jacob A. Riis Museum

Jacob A. Riis Museum tells the fascinating tale of the boy from Ribe who emigrated to America in 1870. President Roosevelt of the United States called him the most helpful citizen in New York.

Ribe Art Museum

Ribe Art Museum is a unique space, where art, architecture and landscape combine in a beautiful, atmospheric environment.

Wadden Sea Centre - The Gate to UNESCO World Heritage

The Wadden Sea Centre - The Gate to UNESCO World Heritage. The Migratory Birds Wadden Sea.

The Night Watchman's Rounds

Ribes Night Watchman creates a very special mood that takes you back to a time without modern policem en and alarms. The Night Watchman sings his songs and tells the dramatic stories about the history of Ribe.

Books guided tours - Ribe

To wander through the old cobblestone streets of Ribe is to travel back through time, get the fantastic stories from one of our skilled guides.

Giant sculpture Man Meets the Sea

Visitors arriving in Esbjerg from the sea are greeted by Svend Wiig Hansen’s monumental sculpture "Man meets the Sea", which was raised on the occasion of Esbjerg celebrating its 100th anniversary as an independent municipality in 1994. It was officially unveiled on 28 October 1995.

Fisheries and Maritime Museum - Esbjerg

Denmark's museum about the sea - people's relationship with it, the culture surrounding it, and life beneath its surface.

Esbjerg Museum - town history

3 new exciting exhibitions - Occupied Esbjerg 1943, Resistance and Esbjerg 1900 - 1950 plus special exhibitions.

Esbjerg Art Museum

Museum of modern and contemporary art  that is known for also functioning as an experimentarium where both children and adults can have surprising experiences.


Tirpitz, Blåvand – World-Class Architecture The new Tirpitz is designed by the Danish architectural firm BIG. In the protected dune landscape, behind the old cannon bunker from World War II, the architects have created a spectacular museum hidden under the sand. Below the surface are fou...


Experience a safari tour of GIVSKUD ZOO – ZOOTOPIA in your own car with full view. Explore the zoo on foot and meet gorillas, elephants and wolves, and end the day with a visit to one of the large playgrounds.

Must See in nature

Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea is one of the world's most important tidal flats. A large and unique nature reserve - a place full of life and experiences. The Wadden Sea is both the still surface water and the turbulent ocean outside the dike.

Experience Mandø

Mandø has its own daily rhythm, which also affects the residents. Although the nearest mainland town, Vester Vedsted, is only located 11 kilometres away, the mental distance is longer for the friendly and proud inhabitants of Mandø Island.


As you sail across to Fanø, you leave behind you all the hassle of everyday life. Once on the island, you simply have to abandon yourself to sensory experiences and the natural beauty of the island. Fanø is known for its wide sandy beaches and the beautiful shipper’s towns Nordby and Sønde...

Seal Safari in The Wadden Sea

Experience the seals in the Wadden Sea in their natural surroundings, the seals can be experienced on foot, by tractor bus or by tour boat.

Oystersafari - unique nature experiences

Culinary experiences are of many kinds, but nothing beats consuming a newly-opened oyster out in the stunning landscape of the Wadden Sea.

Starling Magic

The Phenomenon Starling Magic is a fantastic experience when 100.000 and, yes, even 400.000 starlings dance ballet in the sky over the Ribe Marsh.