Havet tæt på Esbjerg Havn
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experiences in the Wadden Sea

Sæler i Vadehavet

The world's most important wetland

The Wadden Sea is Denmark’s largest National Park. In many ways such a magnificent nature area that it simply must be experienced. The silence, the infinite and ever-changing landscape creates an enduring memory. The Wadden Sea and the salt marsh are among the most valuable wetland areas in the world and of crucial importance for breeding birds, fish, ocean mammals, and plant life. Four times every twenty-four hours, a billion cubic meters of water is moved
through the Wadden Sea, where powerful forces are in play when the tide creates mudflats and sandflats by moving mud and sand in dramatic fashion.

Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea is one of the world's most important tidal flats. A large and unique nature reserve - a place full of life and experiences. The Wadden Sea is both the still surface water and the turbulent ocean outside the dike.

On tour in the Wadden Sea

Experience nature on your own or with a guide. If you want to know more about the nature around Ribe and the unique Wadden Sea, we recommend that you start your exploration with a visit to the  Wadden Sea Centre  - a place for the whole family.

Experience Mandø

Mandø has its own daily rhythm, which also affects the residents. Although the nearest mainland town, Vester Vedsted, is only located 11 kilometres away, the mental distance is longer for the friendly and proud inhabitants of Mandø Island.

Vadehavscentret - the gate to UNESCO World Heritage

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So close and yet so different from the big city, the small island awaits with great experiences in the Wadden Sea National Park. The short ferry crossing from Esbjerg to Fanø makes distance to everyday stress and rush.

Skallingen and Langli

Skallingen is nature, where electricity and wind build up and tear down. At Langli, bird life is unique - for both juveniles and migratory birds. And the seals relax between fishing trips in the North Sea at Skalling Ende.

Beaches close to Esbjerg

Only a few kilometres from the town centre and the harbour of Esbjerg the sandy beaches begin. From the giant sculpture "Man Meets the Sea" and up along the shore to the sea front of Hjerting you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Video clips from the Wadden Sea

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