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Vadehavscentrets indgang

Attractions in Ribe

Ribe Domkirke og Sort Sol
Ribe Cathedral

This is Denmark’s oldest cathedral and Ribe’s soaring landmark for 800 years, visible for miles around over the flat landscape. Begun around 1150, the church was completed about a 100 years later. The walls were built of volcanic tuff, sailed up along the Rhine and used according to the custom of the time to build a three-aisled church with two towers to the west. Later, two side aisles were added, making it Denmark’s only five-aisled church. Today it is both a parish church and the cathedral of the diocese of Ribe. The first north tower collapsed in 1283 and was replaced by the present, larger Commoners’ Tower. A tour of the tower takes you past the Cathedral Museum and provides an unforgettable view from the top over the roofs of Ribe and out over the unique marsh landscape.

Ribes Vikinger
Ribes Vikinger

What were the origins of Ribe and how did the town’s inhabitants live when Ribe was a major European trading centre ? Ribe Viking Museum is the place to find the answers. The exhibitions of unique archaeological finds present the history of Ribe from the beginning of the 700s and on through the Viking Age and the Middle Ages to about 1700. In the years 710-850, the Viking marketplace flourished, and the museum’s Viking Age exhibition is packed with beautiful objects from the workshops of the bead maker, the bronze caster and the comb maker. The exhibition about Ribe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance tells about daily life: play, health and sickness - about religious houses and churches and about the ongoing profitable trading in the town. The story is told in so many different ways that both families with children and those with a special interest in history and archaeology will get something out of it.

Vadehavscentret | Ribe
Wadden Sea Centre

A visit to the Wadden Sea Centre is like a journey through the unique landscape of the Wadden Sea in the company of millions of migratory birds. Aesthetically and in terms of content, the exhibitions are of international standard, offering a huge amount of information about the Wadden Sea and the world of migratory birds, plus an understanding of the cultural history of the area and the challenges of living there. All enlivened and enriched by natural objects, activities, living images and the most modern technology. The Wadden Sea Centre was given the ”Building of the year 2017” award, because it forms an organic unity with the surrounding nature, yet preserves its own sculptural identity in the flat marshland. The Wadden Sea Centre is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea, a natural introduction to the area for anyone, whether just visiting the centre or combining a visit with one of the many guided tours.

Ribe VikingeCenter
Ribe VikingeCenter

At Ribe Viking Centre you step more than 1,000 years back into the Viking Era, meeting warriors, tradesmen, craftsmen, farmers - and all the animals on the farm. You can see reconstructions of the oldest parts of Ribe and now also of Denmark’s first Christian church. As a visitor you can become part of history, join the warrior training, shoot with a longbow, feed the animals, watch the jester perform, help the lady in the Thing-hall, and much more. International Viking Market, warriors, Icelandic horses, falconry shows, Viking food, beliefs, legends and tales are just some of the season’s events offering knowledge and insight into the world of the Vikings. Reenactors from all over Europe flock to Ribe, Denmark’s most important Viking trading centre, presenting authentic reenactions of the past along with the local Vikings.

Ribe | Kunst og kunsthåndværkere
Ribe Art Museum

Ribe Art Museum was established in 1891 and provides the setting for an internationally recognised collection of Danish art, including works by C.W. Eckersberg, Christen Købke, Hammershøi, P.S. Krøyer, L.A. Ring and both Anna and Michael Ancher. The collection unravels the story of art in Denmark over two hundred years. In addition to the permanent collection, Ribe Art Museum collaborates nationally and internationally to put on special exhibitions, attracting the work of recognised artists every year. The museum is housed in a magnificent mansion, quite worth a visit for its own sake, and the cafeteria offers appetizers, beer, water, wine as well as coffee and cakes. The museum garden is a public park, which can be visited from 09.00 to sunset. Here you can see the pretty gazebo and sculptures by artists such as Per Kirkeby and Astrid Noack. You also get a view of the Cathedral. The mansion that houses the Art Museum was built in 1864 as a private residence by Ribe tycoon, Balthazar Giuertz. However, he later had to dispose of both factory and home, and the building became a museum.

Jacob A. Riis Museum | Ribe
Jacob A. Riis Museum

Tells the story of Jacob A. Riis of almost hitting rock bottom in the worst of New York's neighbourhoods, and the story of how toil, the will to create a better society and belief in himself turned the boy from Ribe into what the President called "the ideal American".

HEX ! Museum of witch hunt | Ribe

A new museum in Ribe about witch persecution in Denmark and Europe.

Ribe Kunstmuseum


Ribe Domkirke | Alter


Buste af Jacob A. Riis | Ribe


Zoo'er og dyreparker | Ribe

Zoo's and animalparks

Det Gamle Rådhus | Ribe


Sct. Catharinæ Church
Visit the abbey of Sct. Catharinæ Church and take a walk around the idyllic abbey garden where time seems to stand still.

Det Gamle Rådhus (Old Town Hall)
Other attractions in Ribe worth a visit include the the Old Town Hall and Rådhussamlingen (Town Hall Collection), as well as the Kannikegaarden and Taarnborg buildings.