Attractions in Ribe

Photo: VisitRibeEsbjerg


Ribe offers a wide and colorful palette of various museums and attractions. Architectural gems like the Cathedral and the beautiful medieval town center. In Ribe the possibilities are endless and the experiences great.

Ribe Cathedral
The town’s prominent landmark. Take a look inside at Carl Henning Pedersen’s modern decorations and enjoy the view from Borgertårnet (Commoners’ Tower). Visit also the Cathedral Museum.

Ribes Vikinger (Ribe Viking Museum)
To learn how the town was founded in the year 700 and how it has developed over time.

Jacob A. Riis Museum
Tells the story of Jacob A. Riis of almost hitting rock bottom in the worst of New York's neighbourhoods, and the story of how toil, the will to create a better society and belief in himself turned the boy from Ribe into what the President called "the ideal American".

HEX! - opens July 1, 2020
A new museum in Ribe about witch persecution in Denmark and Europe.

Ribe VikingeCenter (Ribe Viking Centre)
Step into the world of the Vikings at the Viking Centre. Ribe as it was in the Viking Age has been reconstructed and brought back to life - the result will appeal to all your senses.

Vadehavscentret (Wadden Sea Centre)
Come to the Wadden Sea Centre and learn all about Denmark’s new Wadden Sea National Park. Visit the marshes, look at the Wadden Sea or take a trip to the island of Mandø.

Ribe Kunstmuseum (Ribe Art Museum)
Step into Ribe Art Museum and enjoy a quiet moment among the many stunning works in the museum’s unique collection of Danish art from 1750-1950.

Sct. Catharinæ Church
Visit the abbey of Sct. Catharinæ Church and take a walk around the idyllic abbey garden where time seems to stand still.

Det Gamle Rådhus (Old Town Hall)
Other attractions in Ribe worth a visit include the the Old Town Hall and Rådhussamlingen (Town Hall Collection), as well as the Kannikegaarden and Taarnborg buildings.

Castles and manor houses

Gørdinglund Manor, which are close by, are worth a visit. Riber Kjærgård is a manor house from around the year 1300, which today serves as an agricult...

Gardens and parks in Ribe

In Ribe you will also find very special, scenic areas, whether it is in Vedels Anlæg or on the small paths around the Mini animal park.

Crafts in Ribe

Ribe’s dramatic history and the magnificent landscape around the city is a great source of inspiration, and it is no surprise that so many talented ar...

Ancient monuments and ruins in Ribe

At Riberhus Slotsbanke, there is a moat, ruins and a statue of Queen Dagmar, and it is all part of the story about the Castle that once where here. On...